Bumpin' Eggplants V-Neck - white
Bumpin' Eggplants V-Neck - heather bronze
Bumpin' Eggplants V-Neck - heather turquoise
Bumpin' Eggplants V-Neck - heather raspberry
Bumpin' Eggplants V-Neck - purple heather
Bumpin' Eggplants V-Neck - heather gray

Bumpin' Eggplants V-Neck

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Hey, it’s two eggplants and they love each other, and that’s just great. Your favorite genitalia-adjacent emojis, now with more cute!

P.S. We think food stuffs that resemble genitals are hilarious, but please note that genitals are not the same thing as gender. They are probably queer of some flavor because that's what we do here, but gender essentialism and transmisogyny are emphatically not on the menu. 

EAT, GAY, LOVE products are a design collaboration between Erica Lockwell (Our Back Pockets) and Anna Goldfield (The Dirt Podcast), two queer friends who share a love for good food, off-color dad jokes, and drawing things that make them giggle. Learn more about the collab here.

T-Shirt Specifications 
  • Brand: Anvil | Product ID: 6750VL
  • Loose fit, slit sleeves
  • Rounded seem
  • Slightly tapered
  • Light, flowing fabrics: 159 g/m²
  • 50% polyester, 25% cotton, 25% rayon
Women's Tri-Blend V-Neck T-Shirt
For reference, these sizes are classified as "women’s" (whatever that means), so plan accordingly.
S 24.49 in 15.98 in
M 25.51 in 17.99 in
L 26.50 in 20.00 in
XL 27.52 in 22.05 in
2XL 28.50 in 24.02 in