About Eat, Gay, Love

Eat, Gay, Love

EAT, GAY, LOVE is a line of wearable products that celebrate food, puns, and collaboration.  While hosted and managed by Our Back Pockets (hey there), these designs are a true collaboration between Erica Lockwell and Anna Goldfield (The Dirt Podcast), two queer friends who share a love for good food, off-color dad jokes, and drawing things that make them giggle. At its heart, EAT, GAY, LOVE is about reveling in the absurdity (and occasional raunchiness) of the everyday.

Plus food. Because vegetables are funny and delicious.  

 Anna Goldfield and Erica Lockwell

Anna Goldfield (she/her) is an archaeologist, writer, illustrator and science communicator who also enjoys drawing goofy stuff for people to enjoy. Anna is one of two hosts of The Dirt Podcast (new episodes here), a show that brings listeners stories from archaeology, anthropology, and our shared human past. Other than teaching anthro and talking into a microphone for strangers on the internet, Anna dabbles in professional illustration and loves to cook, play music, and prance around in nature.

Erica Lockwell (she/her) is a self-taught artist and illustrator. She's the person behind Our Back Pockets, and especially likes making art for other people who are queer or struggling with mental illness. As a former archaeologist, she is interested in how little things, like how we adorn ourselves or the food we make and share, influence and create culture as a whole.  She likes to cook, but baking is a mystery (though she likes that too). She loves bad puns and isn't sorry about it.