Positive Parts Stickers


Here at Our Back Pockets, we like to remind you that genitals are organs, not genders.

Well, here is a whole new crowd of fiesty organs ready to reject shame, governmental control, and the idea of inherent gender. Penis, vulva, or a unique intersex configuration: these genitals are unapologetically sex-positive, trans-inclusive, and comfy in their own skin.  

Human bodies are not dirty, shameful, or open for legislation. Whether you are proud of your junk just as it is, are working to accept it, or are excited about changing the form — we could all do with some private part positivity.

These stickers are printed on clear, durable sticker stock, which means you can put them on whatever colorful background your heart desires! They are perfect for adorning your water bottle, notebook, or laptop. And, of course, they are beautifully suited for colorful envelopes — seriously upping your snail mail game.

5x7 sticker sheet
6 kiss-cut stickers
Printed on clear vinyl stock