Happy Hysterectomy


There are a lot of reasons someone might want a hysterectomy (gender feelings, painful periods, cancer risks, the list goes on). Sometimes this is a difficult decision, but often people have been wanting to say goodbye for years.

In our patriarchy-soaked horror of a healthcare system, making your own decisions about your own dang uterus can be a real fight. So when that long-desired hysterectomy gets scheduled, it's cause for celebration.

It’s finally time! Get rid of that uterus!

Sorry not sorry, uterus.


Please Keep in Mind: 

1) Not everyone feels good about getting a hysterectomy - it can be an emotional and complicated decision. When it comes to health and fertility, there are so many potential dreams or circumstances you may not be aware of.

2) Not all trans masculine people want or are able to access a hysterectomy! Additionally, some transgender people dislike discussing the medical side of their transition at all. 

Whatever the circumstance, please make sure that your friend is both looking forward to this procedure AND comfortable discussing it before deciding to celebrate in this way. Everyone's different!


4 1/4" x 5 1/2" (A2)
White envelope included.
Blank inside.

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