You're the TOPS!


Have a trans masculine or AFAB* friend about to experience top surgery**? It's a big decision, and one that can bring so much joy. Maybe you're even on post surgery support - you bring them food, help move heavy objects, or binge your favorite shows. Let them know that you also think they are super cool, and that you're totally ready to party when they're healed!

Alternately, maybe you have a friend who just accomplished something huge.

They graduated, got a new job, or finally realized they were too good for that toxic relationship. Particularly if they are transgender and love puns, I bet they would love this card to celebrate their awesomeness.

Dear Allies: Please remember that not everyone chooses gender affirming surgery. Please also make sure that your friend is comfortable discussing the medical side of their transition before deciding to celebrate in this way. Everyone's different!

Your LGBTQ Glossary:  *AFAB: Assigned Female At Birth.*Top Surgery: a gender affirming procedure. For AFAB people this usually means a mastectomy.

4 1/4" x 5 1/2" (A2)
Sky blue envelope included

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