Confident Critter Stickers


Nature has many lessons for us, and these critters know what's up.

Especially if you've been told your entire identity or existence is "unnatural" (based on extremely simplified and factually incorrect understandings of actual science, mind you), I think it's extra fun to turn to mother nature for a little daily confidence and zest.

This gang of insects includes a praying mantis that knows you can't pray the gay away, a spider that's holding it all together, bees that are making their own home, a very confident firefly (seriously, DAT ASS THOUGH), an ant that's stronger than she looks, and a happily extra butterfly that knows transition doesn't change who you are - it just intensifies the YOUness. 

These stickers are printed on clear, durable sticker stock, which means you can put them on whatever colorful background your heart desires! They are perfect for adorning your water bottle, notebook, or laptop. And, of course, they are beautifully suited for colorful envelopes — seriously upping your snail mail game.

5x7 sticker sheet
6 kiss-cut stickers
Printed on clear vinyl stock

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