Why I Make Art

Art is a powerful kind of magic.

I believe this deeply.

I create art for me, for you, for us.  So that we feel seen. So that we remember our freedom, and our creative power. We do not have to take what’s thrown at us.

Queer people have lives worth celebrating and honoring.

A loving, connected community is essential to personal and global wellbeing.  Art can help build and sustain these connections.

Despite what we might be told, and despite the efforts of many in power, we have a variety tools at our disposal. Art can be part of building a better, more loving world. By sharing art that is meaningful to me and my loved ones I can help crack open the hearts of more and more people. Art reveals truths, and it forges bonds.  Especially when art is exchanged and incorporated into daily life, it settles into our psyches.

Art says: “It is permitted. I am allowed to ________.”

...fill in the blank.

Fill it in many times, with different answers, until you find something that feels exciting, and calls you into the soft and uncertain unknown.

We get to live in this world, and we get to forge our own beautiful versions of what it means to be human. We get to experiment, and explore.