Spooky Times

Halloween isn't traditionally a greeting card kind of holiday, but since when do we do traditional?

Queer people have long been associated with the spooky and monstrous - sometimes as a tool of marginalization, and often as an act of defiant self identification. Even before Tim Curry donned a corset, horror has been our genre and Halloween our holiday. 
We know how to lean into these things, and have complex relationships to costumes and masks. Many tellings of spooks and goblins begin as morality tales warning against the destructive nature of unchecked, "uncivilized" urges.
A woman with power or any amount of sexuality? WITCH.
A woman with lesbian tendencies? PROBABLY A VAMPIRE.
Men who group together, share insatiable appetites, and wear very little clothing? WEREWOLVES, OBVI.
For centuries now, if you wanted to write a play, book, or movie about those kinds of feelings that make you want to buck society's script for you, making your character a monster (and thus signposted as clearly exempt from other standards) was an effective way to get your story out to the public despite the naysayers and sensorship boards. Since Frankenstein's monster stumbled across the ice and Carmilla seduced young women, monsters have been a stand in for those who go against the grain. Sometimes that is what makes them monstrous, and sometimes those who reject the creature are the true villains. 
Halloween Is Queer
Regardless of the gloss, horror - and what Halloween has come to mean - is a space for going beyond what is traditionally safe, and enjoying it.
For many, Halloween parties are the first time it feels acceptable to play with gender, and opens the possibility of trying on different identities for fun.  It's a night when being scary is a plus, weirdness is whole-heartedly embraced, and "sexy" could mean an awful lot of different things. 

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Halloween is the queerest holiday there is, full stop.

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